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From cyclists in Seattle to Olympic Gold Medalist Triathletes and Pink Jersey Champions in Italy, cyclists rely on FootWorks Cycles to make their custom footbeds and orthotics.


Proper foot alignment is essential for cycling. The foot is the one of the three main points of contact when cycling, and it's alignment drives what happens in the legs.


Maximizing proper alignment achieves improved comfort, pressure relief, biomechanical dynamics and power.  Whether you are preparing to qualify for Kona or are commuting to work, you will benefit from proper foot alignment.

FootWorks Cycles uses two types of custom footbeds depending on your specific foot type.


Neal Goldberg, PT uses a proprietary flexible carbon fiber shell that he developed with Giro d'Italia champion Ryder Hesjedal. Ryder, and many other cyclists and triathletes have benefited from this footbed over the past 5 years. Cost is $400. 

Not every foot type needs the specific support of the carbon fiber insole, and instead benefit greatly from the in-house made Cyclesoles. These are the only cycling insoles that molded while you are on the bike in the optimal power position. Cyclesoles are extremely effective, lightweight and affordable. Cost is $275.

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